Under the RADLI project, a part of Norwegian Capacity Building Project in Western Balkans, we have planned and developed a virtual simulation of the Balkan Medical Task Force (BMTF) for the training purposes.

This initiative is following the ongoing joint medical training efforts among Western Balkan countries. The virtual field hospital should serve as a base platform for nationally assigned personnel of each of the modules, which integrates into the BMTF. In addition, cooperation with Canadian ADL and sharing the same technology and resources opens a wide opportunity for broader and interoperable results.

Each of the modules has its own SOP (Standard operating procedure), which could be a subject of separate interactive virtual courses, which gives a broad opportunity for future independent development of the national ADL teams. In this environment, we are consentrating on Exploration and observation in the 3D mode, which allows users to experience the BMTF field hospital as an immersive 3D Virtual World.

  • Distance learning
  • International cooperation
  • Advance Distributed Learning
  • Virtual Reality

Virtual training

The RADLI countries can access the virtual hospital by opening it in browser from their shared server. In such a case, the mouse and keyboard are used for user control. The full VR experience can be enjoyed with VR headsets and motion sensors created individually by member countries.