Watch the Election Results Come In Live, County-by-County

Patchwork Nation is partnering with WNYC tonight to follow the presidential election results as they come in live. Go to their site - - to watch the numbers come in county-by-county and type-by-type starting when the polls close at 6 pm.

Dante Chinni, director of Patchwork Nation, will be contributing live election analysis on their site and on-air. You can listen online by clicking the “Listen” link on the top of WNYC’s map page.

Some other resources for tonight’s watching, listening and web browsing:

A guide to the counties that will likely matter in eight battleground states that everyone will be watching.

A look at two of the latest polls, released just before voting began, broken down into Patchwork Nation’s 12 types. And an analysis of what they tell us about what we might see tonight.

And, of course, in the days after the election Patchwork Nation will be sorting through the results to get an understanding of what happened and what it means going forward.